At The Helm:       The President of BDK Appraisal Services is:


Bill was an attendee of UCLA when the federal government knocked on his door during the Vietnam War.  After which Bill enlisted in the air force where he continued his education in electrical engineering and communications. Bill then went on to run the electronic service department of a major electronics firm in California where his skills in problem solving and customer service brought in numerous awards. After 20 years in the electronics industry Bill took on another challenge in 1989, that of Real Estate here in Arizona where that move naturally transitioned him into appraising properties. 

Bill has stated “That I have made my last career move.  Appraising properties is something that I have found to be a great and enjoyable challenge.  It takes me throughout this amazing state of Arizona where I get to work with great people and the challenge of putting all the differing variables of each and every property together is something I thoroughly enjoy!”


Bill has been appraising commercial properties in Arizona for over 15 years. Bill is licensed by the state of Arizona as a “Certified General Real Estate Appraiser”.  This classification allows Bill to appraise any type of property in Arizona from a single family dwelling to multifamily dwellings on to any type of commercial building or entity.

Bill’s background in electronic engineering, where details are of paramount importance, along with his 20 years in Real Estate where understanding so many market variables is mandatory, together both fields have merged making Bill an exceptional commercial appraiser.


Bill has chosen to focus BDK Appraisal services solely on appraising commercial properties. This being anything or everything other than single family homes.


Over the years, Bill has produced hundreds of appraisals reports. Ultimately his goal for you, his client, is to create a high quality report that correctly reflects the current value within the market place.  He takes into account the ebb and flow of the Real Estate Market, the local economy and many other factors and details appropriate to each property and or/building he appraises.


BDK Appraisal Services maintains a consistently high level of professional care and responsibility in each report. We guarantee all of our work to be of the highest quality, as we know our clients would expect nothing less.


To provide the most comprehensive report necessary for the client to understand the value of his or her property within the current market place.

Continuing Education:

In order to understand the continually changing market, continued education is a vital asset.  Some of the courses and classes Bill has taken include but not limited to the following:

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisals Standards
The Legal Aspects of Foreclosures
Getting Through the Environmental Maze
Re-Appraising, Re-Addressing, Re-Assigning
Fair Housing Case Studies
Code of Ethics 2008
Disclosure: The Practical Guide
Common Pitfalls of Writing the Contract
Supervising Appraisers

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